Are you excited for brand new Basketball Stars? (people call it Basketball Legends as well) The new game has tons of new features, options, and possibilities, you can select various players, different game modes, there is even new feature called achievements and so many other cool stuff. I will list all the details below, let’s start our guide, shall we?

How to play:
The main objective in the game is score goal against your opponent, in order to do it you can use your gaming skills and you can use different special moves as well. Yes, there are special moves in the game that give you superpowers, however, these abilities have their own cooldown times, use them wisely and use them at the correct time.

The scoring goal is not really that easy, if you play against AI I must warn you that it will take a lot of effort in order to make a single goal. You will have to maneuver a lot, you will have to block the opponent’s attacks and do some of your counterattacks as well.

Game is truly challenging, but this is exactly why it is so entertaining and interesting.

There are various game modes available, you can choose from the following list

1 Player – usually people choose this mode to play against AI, this mode has other options as well which you can select. For example: Tournament, Random Match, and Training.

2 Players – my favorite game mode, this mode allows you to play with your friends, you can invite your friends, you can challenge each other and enjoy the game fully. You can even select bots as your opponents, two of you against two AI players, sounds interesting right?

By the way, all two listed modes above have the option to either select in 1 vs 1 mode or in 2 vs 2 modes, in each case you can select bots, both as your teammates and as your opponents as well.

Quick Match – as the name suggests it gives you instant access to the game, no need to select anything, just click this option and start your game against AI in 1 vs 1 mode. The perfect game mode for those who enjoy quick games, thrill, and simplicity.

for the attack, we have following keys
Arrow buttons (← → ↑ ↓ ) – for navigation and attack
Z button – supershot
X button – action

X button – shot
Down arrow button ↓ – pump

for defense, we have following keys
AWSD buttons – for defense playing and navigation
K button – supershot
L button- action

X button – steal
Down arrow button ↓ – Block

Additionally, remember the following button as well
Double right arrow button →→ – dash

Like I have said before, a new version of the game has tons of different options which make the game more exciting and entertaining. One of such features is achievements, you can complete different challenges in the game and earn a trophy for each challenge.

All achievements in the game can be found in the main game menu, at the right top corner of the game window. Completed achievements are highlighted. However over achievements to see how to unlock them, by the way, there are totally 19 challenges available, some of them are easy to complete while others require a lot of time and dedication.

Video guide:
I can write two thousand word article explaining how to play this game, which strategies to use, etc. but nothing will help you as well as a good old video guide. This is why I have decided to add YouTube guide below, it will give you some ideas how to defeat your opponents in the game, pro players are really skilled and their gameplay can teach us well how to succeed in Basketball Legends.

Unblocked game:
On our blog we have unblocked version of the game, usually, official facilities, such as schools, government offices or other work locations block gaming sites (for some reason), well our unblocked version allows you to enjoy this game from any possible locations without a problem.

Visit our blog whenever you want to play Basketball Legends Unblocked and have fun with us, you can also leave your comments and suggestions below, we have a friendly community here.

On your mobile device:
If you enjoy mobile gaming more than PC gaming you can download the app and play this game from your phone. I will provide download links below.

This is really funny and challenging basketball game, it has so many game modes which you can choose, characters look hilarious as well with their big heads and apart from this game has different challenges that you can complete. Game is really awesome and a lot of people give it high ratings, play it, give it a try and I’m sure you will love it as well.